The One and Only Flutina

Fun For All Ages
Flutina, the fun flute of all ages

The Flutina is a simple 6-hole transverse flute with an original patent pending design: a built in “whistle” makes a clear musical tone when you blow into a small hole in the side. It’s that easy! An instruction-songbook contains 15 well-known tunes in tablature (no music reading required). In the key of C with a range of over two octaves, the Flutina comes in assorted colors with matching bags. Light weight, durable, 14” long and great for ages 8 and over.
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What Our Customers Have to Say About Flutina
"I bought one of your Flutinas. I found your instrument absolutely charming! I have not been able to put it down. I've played all the songs in your book. I'm only afraid I'm going to have to buy a new one before too long; I'm going to wear this one out!”

Each Flutina comes with an instructional booklet and a handy carring bag. To purchase a Flutina visit our on-line store or use this mail-order form.

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Announcing New Additions to the Flutina Line
We are pleased to announce a new song booklet and song book stand.
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Moss Flutina desc and pkg

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